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Unveiling the Essence of Kōgei-Art

Time and Location

June 3 1-2:30pm
Online – YouTube


Featuring approximately one hundred decorative art (Kōgei) works on board, ASUKA II, a luxurious cruise ship will be docked in New York. In a special event in this rarely-seen venue, two recognized Living National Treasures, Kazumi Murose and Gengiro Okura, will discuss the essence of their respective crafts and performing arts with Seiichi Kondo from TAKUMI-Art du Japon. Monica Bincsik, a curator from The MET, will share insights about the history of Japanese craftsmanship. The talk will be live streamed to the public.

To join the livestream on June 3, please visit: Unveiling the Essence of Kogei YouTube

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