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Yamagata, Japan and Online (Zoom)

The Problems and Prospects of Mobile Public Warning in Japan and the United States: A Sister Cities Collaboration

Members of the project team (Dr. Hamilton Bean, Dr. Kensuke Takenouchi and Dr. Ana Maria Cruz) meet with members of the Yamagata Disaster Prevention Section (Mr. Ryohei Nagaoka, Mr. Akira Suzuki and Mr. Shinya Yoshida). Photo Courtesy of Dr. Hamilton Bean.

Time and Location

March 2024
Yamagata, Japan and Online (Zoom)


The University of Colorado, Denver organized in-person and online workshops in collaboration with researchers and local officials in Japan on the actual and imagined use of mobile public warning systems in the sister cities of Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture and Boulder, Colorado.

Over the last decade, numerous countries have adopted cell broadcast technologies to support mobile public warning for natural and human-caused hazards and disasters. Japan and the United States have pioneered the development of mobile public warning technologies, yet both countries continue to experience problems with the nonuse, misuse, or misunderstanding of these systems. To improve this situation, this study presents a thematic analysis of transcripts from four joint Japan-U.S. workshops with researchers, officials, and citizens.

These workshops were supported through the JFNY Japan-U.S. Global Partnerships Small Grant.

For more information, please visit: Sister Cities Warning Project

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