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03/09/2024 - 03/10/2024
New York City

Japanese Contemporary Music: Past and Present


Time and Location

Japanese Contemporary Music: Past and Present – March 9th 7:00pm: lecture, 7:30pm concert

Scandinavia House (New York, NY)


For the Festival 2024 New York, 49th Season and Ninth Artist Residency, Music From Japan Invites Curator Koichi Nishi and Composers, Chiharu Wakabayashi, Mayuko Kawasaki, and Koji Fukumaru, to New York City for a Weekend of Concerts, Lectures, and Forums at Scandinavia House.
“Music From Japan has long been a valuable contributor to New York concert life.”
– The New York Times

On Saturday, March 9, at 7:30pm, Japanese Contemporary Music: Past and Present will be preceded by a lecture at 7:00pm from the program’s curator, Koichi Nichi, titled “Japanese Contemporary Music: Its History and Present State”. For this program, Mr. Nishi has assembled works by a wide array of composers, representing over a century of Japanese music. Kosaku Yamada, a pioneer of Western compositional methods in Japanese music, Ikuma Dan’s final composition, Kikuko Kanai, the first Japanese woman to compose a symphony, and Shion Sahara, whose interdisciplinary background informs her compositions, will be featured on the program.

On Sunday, March 10, CURRENT SOUNDS JAPAN IV will introduce Chiharu Wakabayashi, Mayuko Kawasaki, and Koji Fukumaru, three stimulating Japanese composers working today. Each of these artists will contribute two pieces – one from their body of work and the other newly commissioned by MFJ for this occasion – all of which will be either a US or world premiere. Both concerts will be followed by an open forum with the curator (Sat) and commissioned composers (Sun). As always, some of the most renowned musicians in the New York area will perform the highly adventurous repertoire on both concerts.

For more information visit:
Japanese Contemporary Music

This event is supported through the Grant Program for Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists.

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