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[REPORT] Ikebana Day Celebration 2023 / Ikebana International Chicago Chapter

This project was supported through JFNY Education Grant.Ikebana International Chicago Chapter celebrated Ikebana Day this year by inviting Ohara School Sub Grandmaster Jose Salcedo to Chicago to conduct two workshops and one demonstration open to the public. The demonstration was held at the Chicago Botanic Garden.There were close to 130 people including those from out of state as far as Florida, North Caroline, Michigan, Oregan and nearby Wisconsin at the demonstration. Sensei Jose arranged 7 Ohara signature styles to wow the audience: Hana Isho, Heika, Bunjin, Moribana, Rimpa and the finale Landscape.  The arrangements showcase the wide range of Ohara School beauty. 

Consul General Tajima and his staff from Japanese Consulte in Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Baba from Japan America Society in Chicago also attended the entire wonderful demonstration.

This project was supported through JFNY Education Grant.