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New York (NY)

The Long Arc of Time

© Heike Liss

Time & Location

March 13, 7 PM & 9 PM
Park Avenue Armory (New York, NY)


An experimental composer, improviser and performer Miya Masaoka will premiere The Long Arc of Time, a new chamber work that draws from the music and unique rhythm of Noh and Shomyo (Buddhist chant). While challenging our senses in a new and radical way, the work ruminates on loss, rebirth, and transcendence and contemporizes the disruption of reality. From Japan, the following Noh actors and musicians will join the performance: Noh chant by Kazuma Yamanaka, Noh kotsuzumi by Jinya Imai, and Shomyo chant by Makiko Sakurai. This performance is supported through the JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

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