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TAIKO: The Heartbeat of Japan in the United States

Time & Location

April 26, 7pm ET


Explore the world of taiko in EngageAsia’s webinar with Mr. Christopher Hudspeth, who is a performing member of the Japanese drum group Fushu Daiko. In his talk, Mr. Hudspeth will give an overview of the history of Japanese drums in the US and share his experience with Fushu Daiko, a non-profit based in South Florida.

Fushu Daiko educates and enriches the South Florida community by presenting traditional Japanese performing arts in a modern and innovative form that is unique to South Florida – reflecting the multicultural make-up of its ensemble and the South Florida culture.

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Learn more about the event on EngageAsia’s website.

This event is supported through the CGP Salary Assistant Grant for U.S.-Japan Community Grassroots Exchange Program.

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