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Northfield (MN)

Kiyomoto Ogasawara: “Samurai Spirit Alive”

Time & Location

November 8, 5 PM
Great Hall, Carleton College (Northfield, MN)


The Minnesota Kyudo Renmei will invite Ogasawara Kiyomoto from the Ogasawara-ryu School of Etiquette, Archery, and Horsemanship to speak at Carleton College for students and community members about the etiquette of the samurai tradition. Originating in the 12th-century Japan when the first samurai government emerged, the Ogasawa family has served many generations of the shogun as instructors of martial techniques such as horseback archery, as well as samurai etiquette. All are welcome to a reception at 5 PM, followed by his public talk at 6 PM.

This event is supported through the CGP Education Grant.

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